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Fred Stoeker - Author Of Every Man's Battle Series - Living True Ministries

Avenue Resource Testimony

Fred, I just had to write you another note.  I wrote you the first time about twenty-one months ago after I suffered my last relapse and you gave me some great advice and wisdom. At the time, you suggested that I read Every Man's Marriage, and by now, I am reading it again for the third time. Let me give you a brief summary of what's been happening.

When I read first Every Man's Marriage, it dramatically changed the way I looked at marriage. Learning to be my wife Megan’s bondservant was a revolutionary idea, and it really rung true in my heart!  Megan and I went through a fifty-two-day sexual celibacy fast at that time, and she also got your wife's books Every Heart Restored and The Healing Choice. That second book introduced us to Avenue Resource, who you also recommended to me for some small group help (www.avenueresource.com).  I contacted its founder, Clay Allen, and he responded to me with encouragement similar to yours.  I joined one of the telephone conference-call accountability groups and have been faithful to that for over a year and a half. The regular, transparent intimacy I’m sharing with these other men on the phone has helped me finally win the battle.  Megan also joined a ladies phone group with Avenue for about six months, which connected her with other women living in similar pain, and it helped her heal emotionally more quickly.

We have certainly had our bumps in the road and we’ve had to work through a lot of issues, but I can honestly say that our marriage is ABSOLUTELY the best it has ever been.  We have shared our testimony with many long-time friends, with my sons and with some of our younger friends in our church small group.  I have been co-facilitating another phone group with Avenue and I'm pumped to try to assist other men toward freedom. As a couple, we have also begun one-on-one mentoring with another younger couple from our church, at their request.

As I’m reading Every Man’s Marriage again, I’ve been struck by a feeling that you're one of my best friends.  I can't thank you enough for how you've ministered to Megan and me, and I thank my Heavenly Daddy for you often!

Click Here To Visit Avenue Resource Online

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