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Fred Stoeker - Author Of Every Man's Battle Series - Living True Ministries Facebook
Fred Stoeker - Author Of Every Man's Battle Series - Living True Ministries

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An unprecedented collaboration of 35 remarkable ministers, teachers, leaders and thinkers, blending their ideas on how you can connect FAMILY + CHURCH.
Collaborate is here: the most anticipated book for leaders in ministry in recent memory. We're all busy, so to get 35 people all in one place, telling you what's working, is pure gold. Inside you may just stumble upon ideas that will change the way you do ministry from some of the best leaders in ministry today, including Reggie Joiner, Jim Wideman, Brian Haynes, and Fred Stoeker.


Michael Chanley's book brings us all together and gets us working off the same blueprint. Let the collaboration begin!
--Fred Stoeker, Author of Every Man's Battle

From the wisdom of Michael Chanley and the Group of 34, you will read from a variety of different vantage points ranging from the gamut of practical programming to connect parents and church to principles surrounding an ethos of parental engagement and empowerment to insights on what it takes to be a leader who can help family and church come together for the sake of passing on lasting life transforming faith to children. This book truly is a collaboration. Each chapter is unique because each author is unique. As with any type of collaboration, you will find yourself agreeing and resonating with some of the authors and scratching your head when reading others. I think that is the beauty of this book. There is no one right way to approach family ministry. We are all located in different cultures and different contexts. Collaborate has tried to gather voices from some of those places and put them into one package. Whether you think you've figure out how to best reach families or you are new to the journey of what it means to truly engage the entire family, you need this book. It needs to be on the shelf of every person who works with children of all ages and their families in church! --Henry Zonio, Redwook Park Church

I cannot tell you one thing that my preacher said growing up, even though I went to church every Sunday. My memory is the family worshipping together. And I think as ministers we need to promote that within the structure of the church. That we don't just compartmentalize and say 'here's our children's ministry,' or 'here's our senior adults ministry,' or 'here's our marriage ministry.' We need to find ways to solidify the family in the church so our children will have memories and roots of the family being together in God's house.
--Bob Russell, Former Senior Minister of Southeast Christian Church and Author of When God Builds a Church

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