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Please take a moment to read this email from a missionary in Africa.

Dear Mr. Stoeker,

This past April, my family and I moved to Botswana, Africa to work in the youth and family department at a local ministry. In this nation, one in three people have AIDS and the average life expectancy is 27 years of age. My wife and I have a passion to help young people stay pure and to avoid sexual temptation. I want to bulk order some copies of Every Young Man's Battle, so I’m emailing via your website to see what prices may be available. Unfortunately, we have limited resources due to the fact we are on living off of raised support ourselves, and the people we serve have very limited resources to purchase books. If you could let me know what your prices are and how we could possibly arrange payment and shipping to Botswana, that would be wonderful. We have a group of young men currently involved in our Sports Ministry and Creative Arts ministry who would benefit greatly from this study. Thank you for your assistance. Depending upon the price, we would want to start with about 25 books and proceed from there.

M.J., Missionary

His passion is a good one. My own passion is to be able to send materials to poorer nations through missionaries like this one, in order to get God’s message of purity into the areas of the world that need it most. All donations will be used to defray the costs to purchase and ship the books and to even travel to speak in these areas when invited. They need the message, but they have few financial resources. My goal is to bring the message to these people while putting as little financial pressure on the local churches as possible, as the Apostle Paul taught us to do in 2 Thessalonians 3:7-8.

If you share this passion with me, thanks in advance for your participation in this project. While your gift is not tax deductible, I promise you that it will be used to advance the gospel and this message of purity into other poorer nations around the world.

- Fred Stoeker

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