Preparing Your Son For Every Man's Battle

Preparing Your Son For Every Man's Battle



Honest Conversations About Sexual Integrity
by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey 

Family - Parenting; Family - Sexuality
WaterBrook Press | Trade Paperback | October 2003 | $13.99 | 1-57856-689-4

It’s never been easy for a father or mother to talk to a son about sex. For Christian parents, it’s always been a challenge to know exactly how to teach God’s standards of purity and integrity.

But today, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. So it’s vital that fathers and mothers prepare their sons to withstand the sexual onslaught of their culture through movies, television, music, and the internet.

But what should you say? And when and how should you say it?

Now there’s help you can trust: Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle. The authors behind the best-selling “Every Man” series have put together all the resources and guidance you need to experience frank, thorough and natural conversations with your son about sexual integrity. They offer an effective new communication process that ensures a deep, abiding relationship between you and your son as he moves into his teen years and beyond.

Equip your young man with the biblical information and spiritual insights he needs to stand strong, overcome temptation, and experience the blessings of godly obedience…for the rest of his life.


Dear Fred, I get emails on a regular basis from people who attended your speaking session at the D6 Conference last year, saying “After D6, we started to read Preparing Your Son For Every Man's Battle with our kids and it is changing our family.” I have tears in my eyes as I write this...just got another email this morning. 

I love you, brother, and it is my pleasure and honor to have been able to work with you at the conference. Through you, God is doing some really great things. I hope to work with you again in the future, if the Lord allows.

Matt Markins
D6 Conference Cofounder and Director
Director of Marketing and Sales


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