Win This War CD

Win This War CD

This CD takes the Biblical truths from Fred Stoeker's book TACTICS and sets them to music. 

Created especially for young men, the early tracks are about the cost of sin in our relationship with God, the middle tracks are about repentance and fighting for victory over that sin, and the last tracks are about our relationships with the Lord and with the opposite sex – and what sexual purity means in those relationships. 

These songs take you on a journey from Point A to Point B; may you never be the same again.

Track Listing:
1. "The Lie" by Matthew West 
2. "Rest Well" by Lee Spoken 
3. "Flowers Bloom" by Lee Spoken 
4. "Grown Man" by downhere 
5. "Change" by Chuck Dennie and By the Tree 
6. "Win This War" by Chuck Dennie 
7. "God Of All Mercy" by Michael O Brien 
8. "Let Your Healing Come" by Chuck Dennie 
9. "Destiny" by Chuck Dennie 
10. "Love Of Christ" by Aaron Blanton 
11. "Miracle Of You" by Michael O Brien 
12. "When Love Takes You In" by Mike Weave


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