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Provides information, services, survey tools, articles, bible study curricula, audio libraries, conference and training video samples, and special follow-up sections coaches and leaders of Everyman Groups.
Fred's wife and author of the new book. The Healing Choice.
AVENUE is a non-profit, interdenominational organization that exists in order to equip churches to effectively minister healing to people impacted by sexual sin by creating safe, confidential environments where individuals are unconditionally loved and accepted in front of God and others and providing easy-to-assimilate programs for the prevention, intervention and healing of inappropriate sexual behavior and anger.

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We provide many different types of Christian books that challenge and motivate both children and adults to conquer their fears and shoot for their dreams.

D6 Conference
The vision of The D6 Conference is to champion a movement of parents connecting with their kids spiritually to transfer their faith and life values.
Those who are fortunate enough to catch Michael O'Brien in concert have the opportunity to participate firsthand in his unique ability to create what can only be described as serious fun. His concerts range in emotion from an upbeat message of praise, to sharing of his heart about his own failures in the past.

Valor Ministries
YOUTH PASTORS….Want to try something different for your next youth retreat? How about gladiator duels and manhunts?