The Healing Choice Guidebook

The Healing Choice Guidebook

A True Compass to Guide You Beyond the Devastation of Broken Trust
by Susan Allen & Brenda Stoeker 

Family & Relationships - Marriage; Religion - Christian Life; Family & Relationships
WaterBrook Press | Trade Paperback | October 2004 | $13.99 | 1-57856-784-X


When you experience a betrayal of intimacy in your marriage—whether through your husband’s struggle with pornography or through outright infidelity—you need a wise and understanding counselor to guide you safely through raging storms of guilt, anger, bitterness, and resentment.

This powerful guide, a companion to The Healing Choice, walks you step by step through the process of personal healing, leading you to grow deeper in your relationship with God and equipping you to find healthy support in the company of other women who understand your pain.

Among other things, you’ll discover how to…

  • recognize your spouse’s emotional cycles and patterns of behavior—and your own
  • sort through your emotions in healthy and effective ways
  • gain deeper personal insights through the Bible and prayer
  • engage in a support group in ways that encourage healing
  • establish boundaries and ascertain whether it is safe to trust again

Created by women who understand firsthand the devastation caused by sexual betrayal, this guidebook offers the practical help you need to move beyond your pain and find hope for genuine healing.


"Brenda Stoeker and Susan Allen have lived with anguish from the tidal wave of grief and loss. Through paralleling Brenda's painfully difficult journey of releasing her beloved mother to death and comparing it with the shock of a world falling apart having encountered the devastating blow from the revelation of pornography in their marriages, you'll understand how terribly shattering this is for every woman whose husband's secret life has been exposed. Fred Stoeker powerfully unpacks the pain his wife was living through from a spouse's perspective, and we view closeup a couple walking through the stuff of life--together. But both Brenda and Susan write of HOPE in the midst of brokenness. Instead of allowing the pain and heartache to further injure, crush, and steal from their lives, these bold warriors chose to take their broken hearts and the raw reality of their broken dreams and place the trauma of their lives in God's Holy Hands. These brave women write vulnerably of their road to recovering stronger, healthier, restored hearts on their journeys, in order to help others realize that a wife can get help even before her husband chooses to get his. They focus on what God taught them, and share His dream of what all women will look like on the other side of these grieving journeys. They write, 'God's Word is like a mooring that holds you in place when the tidal grief wants to sweep you away." A restored heart is just over the hill if you stay on the path and read The Healing Choice. Powerful!

— Barbara Rosberg, of America's Family Coaches. Dr. Gary and Barb are authors of 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love, co-hosts of the nationally syndicated talk show "Dr.Gary and Barb, Your Marriage Coaches" and nationally known public speakers.


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