The Purity Sessions - Session 1: Is Sexual Purity Even Possible

The Purity Sessions - Session 1: Is Sexual Purity Even Possible

From the moment my book Every Man’s Battle was released, men’s small groups became God’s spearhead on the front lines of this purity battle, enabling brothers to team up to run this gauntlet together, shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-back. While I never personally had my own accountability partners or friends at my side during my own days on the battlefront, it soon became clear to me that small group community was the best place a man could engage this battle. 

Until now, I’ve only been able to help small groups indirectly in book form, since I’m only one guy. With these DVD’s, I’ve just replicated myself thousands of times over and I can now be out there strengthening these small group communities and the men that live in them. I can also share current, critical information that never made it into Every Man’s Battle and Every Young Man’s Battle, information that can help you drive the final nail into impurity’s coffin.  

Is it really possible to drive in that final nail on this side of heaven, and to live in total victory over sexual sin? 

If you’re asking this question, you aren’t alone. Many Christian men wonder aloud if freedom is even possible for us. I answer with an emphatic yes during the first session of this four-disc series. Victory is not only possible but normal for you as a Christian man. It is your destiny as a son of God. 

The second session covers the first great vulnerability that drops you so easily into sexual sin, the fact that you can draw sexual gratification through your eyes. You will never be free of sexual sin until you first acknowledge the forceful, addictive brain chemistry that’s spawned by porn and masturbation, and until you flee the immorality and cut off the addiction at its root, in the eyes.

Your second “stealth vulnerability” is revealed in session three, the one that few of us are aware of and the one that keeps you falling again and again into sexual sin, even after you’ve got your eyes locked down and defended. 

I wrap up the Purity Sessions by sharing the impact of my more than two decades of sexual purity upon my family. Make no mistake, your decisions regarding your sexuality will not only affect your destiny but also the destiny of your family, for decades to come. 


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